Ways to give to the work of St Barnabas

Regular giving

  • By setting up a standing order with your bank – if you would like details on how to set this up, please speak to the church Treasurer.
  • Through your employers payroll giving scheme (this only applies if your employer runs such a scheme – your Human Resources department can provide details on this).

Other ways

  • A regular collection is taken at the Sunday service.
  • If you would like to send us a cheque or a giving voucher, please send it to the Treasurer and make it payable to St Barnabas Church Bredbury.
  • You can give in the form of quoted shares and other securities (which entitles you to tax relief).
  • You may also like to consider making a donation to St Barnabas in your will. Please ask your solicitor when you make or next change your will.

Tax Efficient ways

If you pay UK tax (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to be able to claim back the basic rate tax, you will need to fill in, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid Declaration if you have not done so already. The benefit to St Barnabas’ is that we can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each pound given. (If you pay higher rate tax, you may recover this through your own tax return.)

If you have any questions on these or other ways of giving, please speak to Beverley Wilson in the Parish Office.

Church Projects

There are projects ongoing within Church to constantly improve the building, not only for those who regularly worship here but also for the benefit of the community.

New interior ceiling – this is the original.  It has been painted many times over the years but it is now in need of a new covering which will again retain the heat better for all those who use it.

Community Garden – We have made improvements to the area behind the Church, making  into a community garden. This needs regular maintenance and funds to help with this would be gratefully received.

New energy efficient boiler – the boiler is in desperate need of an upgrade to continue heating the Church for everyone who uses it.  We are looking to replace this with an energy efficient boiler.

We have applied for grants to help toward the costs of these projects but also need to raise money towards them ourselves.  Watch this space for ways to donate on-line but, in the meantime, if anyone is able to assist in any way, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss receipt of any donations.