A.C.T. (Activities for Community Teams)

A way of naturally engaging with people within the wider community of Bredbury.  A group where people get together that have the same interests, live in the same area, or like the same things.  It is small enough to have a common vision and large enough to do something about it.

Do you like... reading? Why not start a ‘My Life In Books’ group (Watch BBC2) where you can meet with a group of non-Christian friends and talk about the books ....crafts? Why not start a ‘Crafty People’ group ....sports? ....social action? ....connecting with people in a certain profession, single parents, a specific age-group? ....reaching out to the homeless, asylum seekers, families?

There’s lots of opportunity for creativity so get thinking and praying! 

Do you have ideas for new A.C.T.s?


An A.C.T.s should:

....Gain its identity and purpose from a united mission vision, being called to a clear geographic or network focus and engaging with the social patterns of that culture and context.

....Build Christian community as a place of belonging and participation ... on days, times and places that suit.

....Be small enough to care and large enough to dare! They allow us to do certain things that are not possible in either small groups or large gatherings. 

....Create space for every member ministry.  They create a resource and ministry gift base through which you can really make a difference. 


Step 1 – pray and think about what you could get involved in doing.

Step 2 – speak to other people and see if you can get a team together who could work with you.

Step 3 – Click here and fill in the form.